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For 42 years, nationally syndicated talk radio host and NYT bestselling author Neal Boortz has been entertaining, aggravating, enraging, and captivating radio audiences. In his memoir, “Maybe I Should Just Shut Up And Go Away,” he looks back across the decades and shares the often-hilarious reality of what happens behind the scenes when you’re a talk radio icon. 

Longtime friend with national radio greats Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Neal tells how those relationships began in the hot seat of competition. Tributes are included from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Home Depot Founder Bernie Marcus and 2012 presidential nominee Herman Cain. 

Though early predictions by those who knew him in his youth cast Boortz as a sure prospect to become a preacher, he took a different route to educating the masses. Longtime listeners are certain to become enthusiastic readers as Boortz finally tips his hat to more than four decades of teeing up controversy, political education and general entertainment for audiences across the country to enjoy—and tells all they’ve been wanting to know but couldn’t get anyone to share until now.

So, should Neal Boortz just shut up and go away? 

Or should you interview Neal on your Talk Show?

‚Äč{So we did}



Lianna Nguyen: The Return Engagement.

Returning to have a chat with Tyler Hollywood on The Tyler Hollywood Show is model and philanthropist Lianna Nguyen!  We'll be chatting about her recent pagent wins, her love of travel, her charity projects and her future in acting plus a whole lot more.  If you have questions, feel free to call the show or join us in TRX Chat tonight at 10PM! (02/19/13)

We Lost A Friend Today

(Tim Austin hosted a show here called Ringside With Packer.  He was a classic good ole boy in every sense of teh world, but he tried hard to do what he needed to broacast on a real radio station.  I am so very glad that we here at TalkRadioX were able to make his dream a reality, as short lived as it may have been.)


Here's The DEAL: 1/14/2012 GUN CONTROLLED

I have been sitting back for sometime looking at what is going on with Gun Control. WOW is it getting crazy out there. I remember when we had the Brady Bill and what happened, we still have guns and we still have hot babes in swim suits shooting guns in the desert. Shootings whether they are staged or they just happen randomly is up to you. However I find it odd that now we have Alex Jones going on TV and being used as the gun nut guy. The Left is wanting to grab the guns and they are bonkers. The Right is nutty over losing their guns and believe me they are wrong too. I will tell ya what exactly the deal is.

1st up the Brady Bill, also known as The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention act which was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1994. The act was named after James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckley,Jr. During an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan on March 30th 1981. Now this was putting background checks on people who wanted to buy guns. So basically all the wackos could not grab a gun and go for a ride. I am sure at the time, people went bonks over the guns being grabbed. However it passed and we still have guns today. We also have deaths due to gun violence so guess what it is still happening.

Shootings still happen, which brings me to some of the recent deaths in with school shootings and other things. I know people have said some were staged so we could drum up support for gun control. However then I see people saying all those people are nutty and why is this being an issue. My issue with all this, is why would the school shooter, in Newtown CT wear a bullet proof vest into the school, if all he was going to do was just kill himself at the end of the whole she bang{Yes I meant that pun.}

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